Patterson Heating & Air offers the top quality heating cooling installation in Lawrenceville, GA. We would never suggest heating and cooling installation unless it is necessary. If we discover that you might be better off replacing your heating or cooling we will provide an upfront no hidden cost estimate for the repair of your system compared to the replacement cost. We offer free estimates and hassle free financing with affordable monthly payments.

When you choose Patterson Heating & Air for your HVAC installation needs, you get the best quality installation along with the dependable, affordable, and proven Carrier equipment.

Air Conditioning & Heating Replacements / Installations Near Me

If you are experiencing some or all of the following, your system may need replacing:

  • Increasing Energy Bills: If your energy bills have been slowly increasing over the last couple of years this is a good indication that you are reaching the end of the life of your heating and cooling system. Motors and compressors will start to fail and begin to require more electricity to make them work. 
  • Some of Your Rooms are Too Hot or Too Cold: If some rooms are hotter or colder than normal this can be a good indication that your heating and cooling system is beginning to break down. As these systems start to fail they begin to lose heating and cooling capacity.
  • Frequent Breakdowns: As your heating and cooling system reaches the end of its life parts begin to fail which results in complete breakdowns. As compressors and motors get older they have to work harder, become less energy efficient and overheat.  Overheating and excess energy use will cause electrical components to over load and short out.
  • Age of Equipment: If your heating and cooling system is getting older, chances are it is using more energy and will begin to breakdown frequently. Replacing your system with a new high efficiency system will lower your energy usage, help avoid costly repairs, and avoid the inconvenience of system failures during hot summers or cold winters.
  • Humidity Problems or Excess Dust: If you start noticing humidity issues such as mildew or musty smells it means your heating and cooling system is beginning to lose capacity. Your cooling system is the only means of removing excess humidity. Also excess dust in your home means excess dust in your heating and cooling system.

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